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A West Midland club formed in 1929, created history in 1971-1972 by competing in the longest running FA Cup match, when they won the fifth replay of their 4th Qualifying tie against Oxford City,1-0 after a total of eleven hours play!

Three famous Midland football personalities (featured in the team photos below) also scored goals for ‘The Church’, with Alan Smith going on to play for the full England team, Graham Allner becoming one of non-league football’s most successful managers during his time at Kidderminster and Steve Cotterill becoming a very successful manager at the top level of the game.

Sadly, the club’s achievements on the field haven’t commanded so many headlines, as the club’s life in The Southern league came to a disappointing halt when Alvechurch closed down for two years in 1992.

Briefly playing as Alvechurch Villa, a new re-vitalised club returned to competitive football in The Midland Combination and after winning the title in 2003, Alvechurch FC joined The Midland Alliance, where they have found it difficult to force their way into the top ten.


Club Factfile

Previous Name(s):
Alvechurch FC > 1992 Re-formed in 1994
Lye Meadow, Redditch Road, Alvechurch B48 7RS
0121 445 2929

Club History

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1978-1979Southern League Division One North3rdIan Cooper
1979-1980Southern League Midland Division8thAlan Grundy
 1980-1981Southern League Midland Division1stRhys Davies
1981-1982Southern League Midland Division2ndRhys Davies
1982-1983Southern League Premier Division13thRhys Davies
1983-1984Southern League Premier Division16thRhys Davies
1984-1985Southern League Premier Division15thJohn Chambers
1985-1986Southern League Premier Division4thChris Wright
1986-1987Southern League Premier Division8thChris Wright
1987-1988Southern League Premier Division7thChris Wright
1988-1989Southern League Premier Division14thChris Wright
1989-1990Southern League Premier Division21stChris Wright
1990-1991Southern League Midland Division20thIvor Chambers
1991-1992Southern League Midland Division21stBarry Lynch
1992-1993Alvechuch FC closed down
Alvechurch Villa formed
1994-1995Midlland Football Combination Premier Div.5thLee Shaw
1995-1996Midlland Football Combination Premier Div.16thPaul Madders
As Alvechurch FCPaul Madders
1996-1997Midlland Football Combination Premier Div.18thKeith Edwards + Stewart Anderson
1997-1998Midlland Football Combination Premier Div.17thKeith Edwards + Stewart Anderson
1998-1999Midlland Football Combination Premier Div.14thKeith Edwards + Stewart Anderson
1999-2000Midlland Football Combination Premier Div.10thKeith Edwards + Stewart Anderson
2000-2001Midlland Football Combination Premier Div.7thMick Preece
2001-2002Midlland Football Combination Premier Div.20thMick Preece
 2002-2003Midlland Football Combination Premier Div.1stMick Preece
2003-2004Midland Football Alliance19thMick Preece
2004-2005Midland Football Alliance15thMick Preece
2005-2006Midland Football Alliance14thPeter Frain
2006-2007Midland Football Alliance10thPeter Frain
2007-2008Midland Football Alliance14thPeter Frain
2008-2009Midland Football Alliance10thS.Redhead + J McWilliams
2009-2010Midland Football Alliance7thS.Redhead + J.McWilliams
2010-2011Midland Football Alliance20thSimon Redhead
2011-2012Midland Football Alliance13thGraham Scott
2012-2013Midland Football Alliance11thGraham Scott
2013-2014Midland Football Alliance13thRoss Thorpe

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