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The town of Andover really hasn’t had a very happy history of looking after its football clubs. The game was played competitively in the area from the 1890s but after starting in The Salisbury & District League, the majority of the club’s past was spent between the Hampshire, Southern and, more recently, The Wessex Leagues.

The club never appeared to be financially comfortable and the task of keeping up with old rivals as the non-league family developed all over the country, appeared at times to be too much for the club who suffered regular administrative re-organisation.

It’s sad to look at the names of the dedicated football men who worked so hard for the club’s team management and one also thinks of the fans who have been regularly disappointed over the years. So we hope this feature and the photographs will remind the supporters of Andover’s senior football club of some of the good days and we wish the town luck in building a football team that can proudly represent Andover once again at a competitive level.


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Club History

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1977-1978Southern League Division One South19thTony Godfrey
1978-1979Southern League Division One South18thTony Godfrey
1979-1980Southern League Southern Division13thAlan Green
1980-1981Southern League Southern Division24thTom Davies
1981-1982Southern League Southern Division23rdMick Burford
1982-1983Southern League Southern Division17thMick Burford
1983-1984Southern League Southern Division15thMick Burford
1984-1985Southern League Southern Division13thEric Lisle
1985-1986Southern League Southern Division20thEric Lisle
1986-1987Southern League Southern Division16thBrian Hunt
1987-1988Southern League Southern Division6thRicky Haysom
1988-1989Southern League Southern Division18thJohn Waugh
1989-1990Southern League Southern Division18thBarry Andrews
1990-1991Southern League Southern Division9thMick Burford
1991-1992Southern League Southern Division6thMick Burford
1992-1993Southern League Southern Division20thMick Burford
1993-1994Wessex League First Division2ndMick Burford
1994-1995Wessex League First Division7thKen Cunningham-Brown
1995-1996Wessex League First Division9thKen Cunningham-Brown
1996-1997Wessex League First Division6thKen Cunningham-Brown
1997-1998Wessex League First Division2ndKen Cunningham-Brown
1998-1999Southern League Southern Division21stMick Burford
1999-2000Wessex League First Division3rdKen Cunningham-Brown
 2000-2001Wessex League First Division1stKen Cunningham-Brown
 2001-2002Wessex League First Division1stKen Cunningham-Brown
2002-2003Wessex League First Division7thHoward Goddard
2003-2004Wessex League First Division6thHoward Goddard
2004-2005Wessex League First Division5thBrian Le Boutillier
2005-2006Wessex League First Division3rdAdie Burfield
2006-2007Southern League Division One SW9thAdie Burfield
2007-2008Southern League Division One SW19thNigel Wiscombe
2008-2009Southern League Division One SW19thMick Calin
2009-2010Southern League Division One SW19thAndy Leader
2010-2011Southern League Division One SW21stAndy Leader
2011-2012Andover FC Disbanded
2012-2013Andover Lions FC play in Hampshire League 2004

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