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Another club formed in the football boom after the second world war, Bashley joined The Bournemouth League in 1953. Steady progress was made by moving up the non-league ladder by competing in The Hampshire League for three years from 1983-1986 and then moving up to the newly introduced Wessex League.

This was a glorious stage in the history of ‘The Bash, with Trevor Parker proving to be a very special manager. After winning the Wessex Championship in all three seasons of membership, a move into The Southern League was gained and yet another Championship lifted Bashley into The Premier Division.

After appearing to have found their correct level, a slump of form in their third season saw the club lose their premier division status. However, the thirteenth season as a Division One club, including two in the Isthmian league, proved lucky and the championship of Division One South West brought ‘The Bash’ back into the Premier Division.


Club Factfile

Bashley Road, New Milton BH25 5RY
01425 620 280
Take the A35 from Lyndhurst towards Christchurch, turn left onto B3058 towards New Milton. The ground is on the left hand side in Bashley village.

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Club History

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1978-1979Bournemouth Senior League
1979-1980Bournemouth Senior League
1980-1981Bournemouth Senior League
1981-1982Bournemouth Senior League
1982-1983Bournemouth Senior League
1983-1984Hampshire Division Three3rd
 1984-1985Hampshire Division Three1st
1985-1986Hampshire Division Two4th
 1986-1987Wessex Football League1stTrevor Parker
 1987-1988Wessex Football League1stTrevor Parker
 1988-1989Wessex Football League1stTrevor Parker
 1989-1990Southern League Southern Division1stTrevor Parker
1990-1991Southern League Premier Division10thTrevor Parker
1991-1992Southern League Premier Division4thTrevor Parker
1992-1993Southern League Premier Division9thTrevor Parker
1993-1994Southern League Premier Division21stTrevor Parker
1994-1995Southern League Southern Division7thFrank Whitman
1995-1996Southern League Southern Division16thFrank Whitman
1996-1997Southern League Southern Division13thFWhitman/B Branckley
1997-1998Southern League Southern Division3rdJimmy Case
1998-1999Southern League Southern Division10thJimmy Case
1999-2000Southern League Eastern Division20thJimmy Case
2000-2001Southern League Eastern Division15thJimmy Case
2001-2002Southern League Eastern Division15thJimmy Case
2002-2003Southern League Eastern Division5thBarry Blanckley
2003-2004Southern League Eastern Division11thBarry Blanckley
2004-2005Isthmian League Division One14thBarry Blanckley
2005-2006Isthmian League Division One9thBarry Blanckley
 2006-2007Southern League Division One South & West1stSteve Riley
2007-2008Southern League Premier Division5thSteve Riley
2008-2009Southern League Premier Division14thSteve Riley
2009-2010Southern League Premier Division7thSteve Riley
2010-2011Southern League Premier Division11thSteve Riley
2011-2012Southern League Premier Division13thSteve Riley
2012-2013Southern League Premier Division17thFrank Gray
2013-2014Southern League Premier Division

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