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Boldmere St Michaels

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Midland Alliance

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What a fine example of steady sensible development by a club representing a midland district north of Birmingham, who have kept within sensible financial boundaries and have given backing and support to their chosen managers.

After formation in 1883, originally as a club for youngsters, ‘The Mikes’ have competed in their local midland competitions, starting with The Birmingham & District League and as the trend to pay players spread through non-league football,  Boldmere St Michaels remained strictly amateur.

In 1963 the club joined The Worcestershire Combination, which was to change into The Midland Combination, and during a loyal and steady thirty year membership, their three championship years in 1986,1989 and 1990 will be remembered as a vintage time for the club.

These special achievements were timed well, as they brought an invitation to become founder members of The Midland Football Alliance in 1994. A look at the clubs record underlines their support and loyalty to their excellent managers - John Morris who took the club to the top of The Combination,  Alan Parsons who led the club to top ten consecutive finishes throughout the ‘nineties’  and Rob Mallaband who has only once seen his quad finish outside the top ten once in the last seven years.

Boldmere St Michaels give the impression of a happy, well run football club who set a fine example to all clubs at their level.


Club Factfile

Trevor Brown Memorial Ground, Church Road, Boldmere B73 5RY
0121 373 4435
Website Address:
Most Recent Senior Honour:
Midland Combination Premier Division 1989-90

Club History

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1977-1978Midland Football Combination15th
1978-1979Midland Football Combination4th
1979-1980Midland Football Combination8th
1980-1981Midland Football Combination5th
1981-1982Midland Football Combination12th
1982-1983Midland Football Combination3rd
1983-1984Midland Football Combination10thJohn Morris
1984-1985Midland Football Combination4thJohn Morris
 1985-1986Midland Football Combination1stJohn Morris
1986-1987Midland Football Combination4thJohn Morris
1987-1988Midland Football Combination2ndJohn Morris
 1988-1989Midland Football Combination1stAlan Parsons
 1989-1990Midland Football Combination1stAlan Parsons
1990-1991Midland Football Combination12thAlan Parsons
1991-1992Midland Football Combination9thAlan Parsons
1992-1993Midland Football Combination8thAlan Parsons
1993-1994Midland Football Combination5thAlan Parsons
1994-1995Midland Football Alliance8thAlan Parsons
1995-1996Midland Football Alliance6thAlan Parsons
1996-1997Midland Football Alliance3rdAlan Parsons
1997-1998Midland Football Alliance4thAlan Parsons
1998-1999Midland Football Alliance4thAlan Parsons
1999-2000Midland Football Alliance5thAlan Parsons
2000-2001Midland Football Alliance7thAlan Parsons
2001-2002Midland Football Alliance13thAlan Parsons
2002-2003Midland Football Alliance14thAlan Parsons
2003-2004Midland Football Alliance15thAlan Parsons
2004-2005Midland Football Alliance10thRob Mallaband
2005-2006Midland Football Alliance10thRob Mallaband
2006-2007Midland Football Alliance7thMick Bayley
2007-2008Midland Football Alliance4thMick Bayley
2008-2009Midland Football Alliance4thRob Mallaband
2009-2010Midland Football Alliance5thRob Mallaband
2010-2011Midland Football Alliance3rdRob Mallaband
2011-2012Midland Football Alliance12thRob Mallaband
2012-2013Midland Football Alliance9thRob Mallaband
2013-2014Midland Football Alliance2ndStuart Grosvenor

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