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Croydon 1991-1992

Team Photo

Croydon 1991-1992

Back row, left to right: Dave Collymore, Paul Murray, Danny Esquilant, John Bryant, Cory Morris, Fitzroy Davis, Scott Hayworth, Gary Holness, Clive Valentine and Donovan Reid. Middle Row: Paul Gayle, Colin Hopper, David Stephenson, Micky Gillam (Captain), Terry Thoroghgood, Mark Caskey,Tommy Curren, Carl RoberrtsStuart Mills , Glen Leaburn and Scott Holdaaway. Front row: Gary Budinger, Elliott Taylor, Joe Bradshaw (Coach), Alan Blackwell (Assistant Manager), Dave Goodwin (Manager), Barry Gibson (Reserve Team Manager), Tim Foster (Youth Development) Lee Newport and Dave Sutton.


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