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Dagenham and Redbridge

Dagenham Football Club were formed in 1949 and worked their way through the home counties leagues starting with The Metropolitan and passing through The Delphian, Corinthian and Athenian competitions on their way to the top with The Isthmian League in the 1974-1975 campaign.

The club finished in third place in their first three seasons and were respected as one of the league’s senior clubs. So it was no surprise when the two last places in the newly formed Football Alliance were taken by Dagenham and Enfield in 1981.

However, ‘The Daggers’ found the first spell difficult in the senior competition and after returning to The Isthmian League without their old dominance, the club agreed a merger with Redbridge Forest, a club that had already pooled resources with some famous names-  Ilford, Leytonstone and Walthamstow Avenue.

So Dagenham & Redbridge, taking Redbridge Forest’s place in The Vauxhall Conference represented the East End of London with successful manager John Still, an experienced local footballing hero, in charge. After a promising start however, the club drifted down and were once again playing Isthmian League football- but only for four seasons.

A return to The Conference as Isthmian Champions in 2000 signaled a change in the club’s footballing life and seven years later the Nationwide Conference title provided a magnificent achievement for the club - a place in The Football League!


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1977-1978Isthmian League Premier Division2ndLaurie Wilkinson
1978-1979Isthmian League Premier Division2ndLaurie Wilkinson
1979-1980Isthmian League Premier Division5thEddie Presland
1980-1981Isthmian League Premier Division8thEddie Presland
1981-1982Football Alliance14thTed Hardy
1982-1983Football Alliance5thTed Hardy
1983-1984Football Alliance18thTed Hardy
1984-1985Football Alliance19thTed Hardy
1985-1986Gola League19thKen Knighton
1986-1987Gola League15thTony Jennings
1987-1988Vauxhall Conference22ndTony Jennings
1988-1989Isthmian League Premier Division18thDave Wood
1989-1990Isthmian League Premier Division6thJoe Dunwell
1990-1991Isthmian League Premier Division14thJoe Dunwell
1991-1992Isthmian League Premier Division9thTed Hardy
As Dagenham & Redbridge
1992-1993Vauxhall Conference3rdJohn Still
1993-1994Vauxhall Conference6thJohn Still
1994-1995Vauxhall Conference15thDave Cusack
1995-1996Vauxhall Conference22ndGraham Carr
1996-1997Isthmian League Premier Division4thTed Hardy
1997-1998Isthmian League Premier Division4thTed Hardy
1998-1999Isthmian League Premier Division3rdTed Hardy/John Bennett
 1999-2000Isthmian League Premier Division1stGary Hill
2000-2001Nationwide Conference3rdGary Hill
2001-2002Nationwide Conference2ndGary Hill
2002-2003Nationwide Conference5thGary Hill
2003-2004Nationwide Conference13thGary Hill
2004-2005Nationwide Conference11thJohn Still
2005-2006Nationwide Conference10thJohn Still
 2006-2007Nationwide Conference1stJohn Still
2007-2008Football League Division Two20thJohn Still
2008-2009Football League Division Two8thJohn Still
2009-2010Football League Division Two7thJohn Still
2010-2011Football League Division One21stJohn Still
2011-2012Football League Division Two19thJohn Still/Wayne Burnett
2012-2013Football League Division Two22ndWayne Burnett
2013-2014Football League Division TwoWayne Burnett

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