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Dunstable Town

The original Bedfordshire football club in Dunstable was formed in 1883 and officials from the club were influential in setting up a county FA to run local football. Slow development through local competitions followed and in the early fifties membership of the Metropolitan League was enjoyed.

The club battled to establish themselves as a senior non-league club and Southern League membership was achieved before erratic big spending brought the club to its knees in 1975-1976. The original Dunstable Town folded with a new club playing as
Dunstable FC taking over its fixtures, before the club was demoted to the Division One
North, remaining at this level until the club closed again in 1994.

The 1997-1998 campaign saw a re-born Dunstable Town competing in the South Midlands League and this time steady progress, under long serving managerial influence from Paul Reeves and Darren Croft, saw the club reach the Southern League Premier Division. Sadly, that level wasn’t retained, but after falling back to The Spartan South Midlands, Dunstable Town challenged at the top for four years and have won promotion back to The Southern League as Champions.


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As Dunstable FC
1977-1978Southern League Divison One North15thBrendan McNally
1978-1979Southern League Division One South13thBrendan McNally
1979-1980Southern League Division One South8thBrendan McNally
1980-1981Southern League Division One South10thBrendan McNally
1981-1982Southern League Division One South16thBrendan McNally
1982-1983Southern League Division One South4thBrendan McNally
1983-1984Southern League Southern Division17thK.Jenkins & J.Ellingham
1984-1985Southern League Southern Division18thP.Morrissey
1985-1986Southern League Southern Division7thP.Morrissey
1986-1987Southern League Southern Division13thP.Morrissey
1987-1988Southern League Southern Division7thP.Morrissey
1988-1989Southern League Southern Division15thP.Morrissey
1989-1990Southern League Southern Division4thSteve Norris
1990-1991Southern League Southern Division17thKevin Millett
1991-1992Southern League Southern Division16thKevin Millett
1992-1993Southern League Southern Division21stJohn Wortley/Steve Brinkman
1993-1994Southern League Southern Division18thSteve Brinckman
1997-1998As Dunstable Town
1998-1999South Midlands Division One5thPaul Reeves & Darren Croft
1999-2000South Midlands Division One1stPaul Reeves & Darren Croft
 2000-2001South Midlands Senior Division2ndPaul Reeves & Darren Croft
2001-2002South Midlands Premier Division7thPaul Reeves & Darren Croft
2002-2003South Midlands Premier Division1stPaul Reeves & Darren Croft
 2003-2004Isthmian Division One North5thPaul Reeves & Darren Croft
2004-2005Southern League Premier Division20thPaul Reeves & Darren Croft
2005-2006Southern League Division One West21stPaul Reeves & Kerry Dixon
2006-2007Southern League Division One Midlands11thPaul Reeves & Kerry Dixon
2007-2008Southern League Division One Midlands13thDarren Feighery
2008-2009Southern League Division One Midlands21stLee Cowley
2009-2010Spartan South Midlands Premier Division7thDarren Feighery
2010-2011Spartan South Midlands Premier Division7thGrant Carney
2011-2012Spartan South Midlands Premier Division2ndDarren Croft
 2012-2013Spartan South Midlands Premier Division1stDarren Croft & Paul Reeves
 2013-2014Southern League Division One Central1stDarren Croft
2014-2015Southern League Premier Division

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