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Abingdon Town

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Hellenic League Premier Division


A well established football club was formed in 1870 as Abingdon FC and originally competed in the surrounding local leagues. Starting in the Oxford & District League as ‘Abingdon’, having amalgamated with local rivals St Michaels. The club changed its name to Abingdon Town in 1928 and have had a very varied history while playing in:-

Oxford & District League 1892-1901
Berks & Bucks League 1901-1902
West Berks League 1902-1904
Reading Temperance League 1904-1914
North Berks Football League 1919-1923
Reading & District League 1923-1937
Oxfordshire Senior League 1937-1938
North Berks Football League 1938-1945
Reading & District League 1945-1950
Spartan League 1950-1953
Hellenic Football League 1953-1987
Spartan League 1987-1988
Isthmian League 1988-2005
Hellenic Football League 2005-

Abingdon Town have very rarely been considered a ‘settled club’ but an exciting spell was enjoyed as they moved up from The Hellenic, though The Spartan and quickly into Division One One of the Isthmian League. This was achieved between 1988 and 1991 with managers Paul Lee and Trevor Butler giving great service

Sadly, the club’s choice to leave the Isthmian competition 2005 and return to more local football in the Hellenic League, hasn’t given the club the expected boost and league positions have been disappointing.


Club Factfile

Previous Name(s):
Abingdon FC until 1928
Culham Road, Abingdon OX14 3HP
01235 521 68
Website Address:
Abingdon can be reached in a number of different ways, depending exactly where you are coming from. Generally if coming directly from the North or South it is probably easier to take the A34 from either the M40 (North), or M4 (South). Exit the A34 at Abingdon South (A415) and head into Abingdon centre. From the centre take the A415 out of town (signposted Dorchester). As you come over the bridge crossing the river, the ground is approximately 300 yards on the right. If coming from the Reading direction you can travel via Henley and then take the A415 from Dorchester into Abingdon and the ground will be on your left.
Record Attendance:
4,000 v Swindon Town for Maurice Owen benefit match.
Most Recent Senior Honour:
Isthmian League Division Two 1990-1991

Club History

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1977-1978Hellenic League Premier Division11th
1978-1979Hellenic League Premier Division11th
1979-1980 Hellenic League Premier Division5thJohn Lamb
1980-1981Hellenic League Premier Division6thJohn Lamb
1981-1982Hellenic League Premier Division7thJohn Lamb
1982-1983Hellenic League Premier Division3rdJohn Lamb
1983-1984Hellenic League Premier Division5thPaul Holden
1984-1985Hellenic League Premier Division11thPaul Holden
1985-1986Hellenic League Premier Division4thPaul Lee
 1986-1987Hellenic League Premier Division1stPaul Lee
1987-1988Hellenic League Premier Division2ndPaul Lee
 1988-1989Spartan Football League1stPaul Lee
1989-1990Isthmian League Division One South3rdPaul Lee
 1990-1991Isthmian League Division Two1stTrevor Butler
1991-1992Isthmian League Division One6thTrevor Butler
1992-1993Isthmian League Division One6thTrevor Butler
1993-1994Isthmian League Division One7thPaul Lee
1994-1995Isthmian League Division One10thPaul Lee
1995-1996Isthmian League Division One16thPaul Lee
1996-1997Isthmian League Division One11thPaul Lee
1997-1998Isthmian League Division One21stPaul Lee
1998-1999Isthmian League Division Two22ndPaul Lee
1999-2000Isthmian League Division Three15thBob Raynor
2000-2001Isthmian League Division Three17thBob Raynor
2001-2002Isthmian League Division Three16thAlan Thorne
2002-2003Isthmian League Division Two4thAlan Thorne
2003-2004Isthmian League Division Two9thAlan Thorne
2004-2005Isthmian League Division Two7thPaul Berry
2005-2006 Hellenic League Premier Division18thPaul Berry
2006-2007Hellenic League Premier Division18thKeith Stopps
2007-2008Hellenic League Premier Division19thKeith Stopps
2008-2009Hellenic League Premier Division19thKeith Stopps
2009-2010Hellenic League Premier Division12th
2010-2011Hellenic League Premier Division14thChris Fontaine
2011-2012Hellenic League Premier Division11thChris Fontaine
2012-2013Hellenic League Premier Division18thShaun Smith
2013-2014Hellenic League Premier Division

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