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Farnham Town

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Combined Counties Premier Division


Formed in 1906, the club played in local football until joining The Spartan League. Then in 1975 was invited to be a founder member of The London Spartan League, where they played until moving on to The Combined Counties League in 1980.

Manager Varcoe proved to be a loyal and successful manager and two successive Combined Counties championships in 1991and 1992 brought the chance of promotion, so ‘The Town’ were expected to start the 1992-1993 campaign as an Isthmian club. 
However, their financial problems and the need to improve their grounds’ facilities prevented promotion being accepted.

The club had to miss a season, but were pleased to return to The Combined Counties Premier Division in 1993-1994, although results were definitely affected by the disappointing need to groundshare until their own ground was ready for senior football.

Relegation in 2006 was followed by an immediate chance to bounce back as Champions of Division One, but once again ground facilities prevented their return to The Premier Division. Three years later, as Division One runners-up, their chance came again. So with their Memorial Ground ready, Farnham Town returned to The Premier Division.


Club Factfile

Memorial Ground, West Street, Farnham GU9 7DY
01252 715 305
Most Recent Senior Honour:
Combined Counties Division One 2006-07.

Club History

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1979-1980London Spartan16th
1980-1981Combined Counties4th
1981-1982Combined Counties West Division3rd
1982-1983Combined Counties Premier Division15th
1983-1984Combined Counties Premier Division8thD.Colstom
1984-1985Combined Counties Premier Division10thA.Varcoe
1985-1986Combined Counties Premier Division5thA.Varcoe
1986-1987Combined Counties Premier Division2ndA.Varcoe
1987-1988Combined Counties Premier Division3rdA.Varcoe
1988-1989Combined Counties Premier Division5thA.Varcoe
1989-1990Combined Counties Premier Division6thA.Varcoe
 1990-1991Combined Counties Premier Division1stA.Varcoe
 1991-1992Combined Counties Premier Division1stA.Varcoe
1992-1993Resigned from Isthmian Lg pre season
1993-1994Combined Counties Premier Division18thScotty Green
1994-1995Combined Counties Premier Division18thScotty Green
1995-1996Combined Counties Premier Division5thScotty Green
1996-1997Combined Counties Premier Division5thPeter Browning
1997-1998Combined Counties Premier Division6thPeter Browning
1998-1999Combined Counties Premier Division13thPeter Browning
1999-2000Combined Counties Premier Division10thPeter Browning
2000-2001Combined Counties Premier Division20thPeter Browning
2001-2002Combined Counties Premier Division14thPeter Browning
2002-2003Combined Counties Premier Division22ndAndy Nunn
2003-2004Combined Counties Premier Division22ndAndy Nunn
2004-2005Combined Counties Premier Division21stAndy Nunn
2005-2006Combined Counties Premier Division21stSalvatore Diprima
 2006-2007Combined Counties Division One1stBarry Bridger
2007-2008Combined Counties Division One5thBarry Bridger
2008-2009Combined Counties Division One9thSimon Bates
2009-2010Combined Counties Division One11thSimon Bates
2010-2011Combined Counties Division One2ndPaul Tanner
2011-2012Combined Counties Premier Division12thPaul Tanner
2012-2013Combined Counties Premier Division8thPaul Tanner
2013-2012Combined Counties Premier DivisionPaul Tanner

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