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Fleetwood Town

A wonderful story of a struggling club, just managing to survive, then re-building itself into one of non-league football’s greatest success stories.

The club originally kicked off as Fleetwood FC in The Lancashire Combination and stayed in local football until becoming founder members of the Northern Premier League in 1968, but struggled to establish themselves at this level and resigned in 1976.

After returning to competitive football as Fleetwood Town FC another quiet rebuilding period saw the club developing in the local North Western leagues but after another tough period in the Northern Premier League the club resigned again in 1996.

A five year period of consolidation as Fleetwood Freeport brought one promotion but in 2002, returning as Fleetwood Town FC in The North West Counties Division One, ‘The Cod Army’ stormed up the levels. Great service was given by managers Tony Greenwood and Micky Melon and Fleetwood Town proved themselves to be the outstanding non-league club in the country, achieving five promotions between 2005 and 2012, which reflected well on everyone connected with the club on and off the field.


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As Fleetwood Town
1978-1979Cheshire County Division One17thAlan Tinsley
1979-1980Cheshire County Division One12thAlan Tinsley
1980-1981Cheshire County Division One14thAlan Tinsley
1981-1982Cheshire County Division One11thAlan Tinsley
1982-1983North West Counties Division Two12thAlan Tinsley
 1983-1984North West Counties Division Two1stAlan Tinsley
1984-1985North West Counties Division One8thAlan Tinsley
1985-1986North West Counties Division One5thAlan Tinsley
1986-1987North West Counties Division One8thAlan Tinsley
 1987-1988Northern Premier League Division One1stLes Milligan
1988-1989Northern Premier League Premier Division7thLes Milligan
1989-1990Northern Premier League Premier Division8thMickyTaylor
1990-1991Northern Premier League Premier Division4thMicky Taylor
1991-1992Northern Premier League Premier Division10thMicky Taylor
1992-1993Northern Premier League Premier Division19thMicky Taylor
1993-1994Northern Premier League Premier Division22ndSteve Edwards
1994-1995Northern Premier League Division One18thStan Allen
1995-1996Northern Premier League Division One20thRussell Perkins
As Fleetwood Freeport
1997-1998North West Counties Division Two12thRussell Perkins
 1998-1999North West Counties Division Two1stRussell Perkins
1999-2000North West Counties Division One7thRussell Perkins
2000-2001North West Counties Division One5thMick Hoyle
2001-2002North West Counties Division One14thMick Hoyle
As Fleetwood Town
2002-2003North West Counties Division One10thMick Hoyle
2003-2004North West Counties Division One3rdTony Greenwood
 2004-2005North West Counties Division One1stTony Greenwood
2005-2006Northern Premier League Division One2ndTony Greenwood
2006-2007Northern Premier League Premier Division8thTony Greenwood
 2007-2008Northern Premier League Premier Division1stTony Greenwood
2008-2009Conference North8thTony Greenwood
2009-2010Conference North3rdMicky Mellon
2010-2011Conference Premier5thMicky Mellon
 2011-2012Conference Premier1stMicky Mellon
2012-2013Football League 213thM. Mellon/ G.Alexander
2013-2014Football League 2Graham Alexander

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