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Goole AFC

Currently Playing In:

Northern Premier league Division One North.


When Goole Town sadly collapsed after a long and distinguished spell in The Northern Premier League in 1996, it took two years for the revived club to return as Goole AFC in the Central Midlands League.

Hard work from loyal fans was backed up by manager John Reed under whose guidance the new club quickly rose through two divisions of The Central Midlands League and immediately won The Northern Counties East Division One Championship which took ‘The Badgers’ into The Premier Division.

This ‘golden period’ gave the club great confidence and just five years later another championship title earned them a place back in the Northern Premier League and although survival in The Division One South has not been easy, the challenge is on to consolidate at this level. In fact after just avoiding relegation in the North Division by one place in 2013, the club will be hoping for a change of luck back in Division One South.


Club Factfile

Previous Name(s):
Goole Town until 1996
Victoria Pleasure Gardens, Marcus Road, Goole DN14 6WW
01405 762 794 (match days only)
Record Attendance:
976 v Leeds United
Most Recent Senior Honour:
Northern Counties East Premier Division Champions 2004-2005

Club History

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1977-1978Northern Premier League14thA.Turner
1978-1979Northern Premier League9thA.Turner
1979-1980Northern Premier League11thA.Turner
1980-1981Northern Premier League8th G.Lyall
1981-1982Northern Premier League14thG. Sleight
1982-1983Northern Premier League16thS.L.Blampey
1983-1984Northern Premier League18thKevan Randall
1984-1985Northern Premier League15thDavid Pugh
1985-1986Northern Premier League22ndDavid Pugh
1986-1987Northern Premier League16thM.E.Bullock
1987-1988Northern Premier League Premier Division12thPeter Buckley
1988-1989Northern Premier League Premier Division6thPeter Buckley
1989-1990Northern Premier League Premier Division19thPeter Buckley
1990-1991Northern Premier League Premier Division12thTerry Curran
1991-1992Northern Premier League Premier Division12thTerry Curran
1992-1993Northern Premier League Premier Division22ndDale Banton & Terry Burdass
1993-1994Northern Premier League Division One8th Tim Hotte
1994-1995Northern Premier League Division One21stDavid Jones
1995-1996Northern Counties East Premier Division15thDavid Jones
1996-1997Club resigned.
As Goole AFC
 1997-1998Central Midlands League Premier Division1stJohn Reed
1998-1999Central Midlands League Supreme Division3rdJohn Reed
 1999-2000Northern Counties East Division One1stJohn Reed
2000-2001Northern Counties East Premier Division4thJohn Reed
2001-2002Northern Counties East Premier Division12thPeter Daniel
2002-2003Northern Counties East Premier Division3rdSteve Richards
2003-2004Northern Counties East Premier Division6thSteve Richards
 2004-2005Northern Counties East Premier Division1stPaul Marshall
2005-2006Northern Premier League Division One21stPaul Marshall
2006-2007Northern Premier League Division One7thNigel Darby
2007-2008Northern Premier League Division One South9thNigel Darby
2008-2009Northern Premier League Division One South18thNigel Darby
2009-2010Northern Premier League Division One South18thNigel Darby
2010-2011Northern Premier League Division One South13thKarl Rose
2011-2012Northern Premier League Division One South10thKarl Rose
2012-2013Northern Premier League Division One North21stJohn Reed
2013-2014Northern Premier League Division One South13thCurtis Woodhouse

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