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Gresley FC

Originally formed in 1882, the Gresley Rovers club first played in the Burton League and developed steadily, moving through nine different Midland football leagues before joining The Birmingham League in 1975.

This competition changed its name to The West Midlands (Regional) League,
and ‘ The Moatman’ settled down and with the guidance of manager Frank Northwood challenged at the top of the league every season from 1986, with consecutive championships in 1991 and 1992 taking the club into The Southern League.

From 1994 until 1999 Rovers enjoyed Southern Premier football and excelled in their County Cup competition, but a drop back to The Western Division for five years ended when the league re-organization in 2004 took them into The Northern Premier League for the first time.

Gary Norton had taken over as Manager, but off field problems brought the club to its knees in 2009 and Gresley Rovers disappeared, being replaced by Gresley FC in The East Midlands Counties League.

A new positive administrative team lifted the club’s standards and ambitions, with manager Norton producing squads good enough to win promotion into The Midland Alliance at the second attempt. This was followed immediately by another championship which took Gresley FC into The Northern Premier League where the club is happy becoming accustomed to the higher standards.


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1977-1978West Midland (Regional) League15th
1978-1979West Midland (Regional) League17th
1979-1980West Midland (Regional) League15th
1980-1981West Midland (Regional) League15th
1981-1982West Midland (Regional) League15th
1982-1983West Midland (Regional) League9th
1983-1984West Midland (Regional) League4th
1984-1985West Midland (Regional) League8th
1985-1986West Midland (Regional) League2ndFrank Northwood & R.Davies
1986-1987West Midland (Regional) League4thFrank Northwood
1987-1988West Midland (Regional) League4thFrank Northwood
1988-1989West Midland (Regional) League2ndFrank Northwood
1989-1990West Midland (Regional) League3rdFrank Northwood
 1990-1991West Midland (Regional) League1stFrank Northwood
 1991-1992West Midland (Regional) League1stFrank Northwood
1992-1993Southern League Midland Division2ndSteve Dolby
1993-1994Southern League Premier Dvision14thSteve Dolby
1994-1995Southern League Premier Dvision8thSteve Dolby
1995-1996Southern League Premier Dvision5thSteve Dolby
 1996-1997Southern League Premier Dvision1stPaul Futcher
1997-1998Southern League Premier Dvision17thGarry Birtles
1998-1999Southern League Premier Dvision21stGarry Birtles
1999-2000Southern League Western Division11thBrian Kenning
2000-2001Southern League Western Division18thBrian Kenning
2001-2002Southern League Western Division5thJohn McGinlay
2002-2003Southern League Western Division9thJohn Newsome
2003-2004Southern League Western Division12thGary Norton
2004-2005Northern Premier League Division One9thGary Norton
2005-2006Northern Premier League Division One5thGary Norton
2006-2007Northern Premier League Division One18thGary Norton
2007-2008Northern Premier League Div One South11thGary Norton
2008-2009Northern Premier League Div One South19thGary Norton
As Gresley FC
2009-2010East Midland Counties League2ndGary Norton
 2010-2011East Midland Counties League1stGary Norton
 2011-2012Midland Football Alliance1stGary Norton
2012-2013Northern Premier League Division One South11thGary Norton & Martin Rowe
2013-2014Northern Premier League Division One South9thMartin Rowe

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