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Melksham Town

Currently Playing In:

Western League Premier Division


A well established Wiltshire club who were formed as Melksham FC in 1876 and eight years later joined The County League as founder members, where they remained until 1974.

Six years later Melksham were promoted as Division One Champions and the 1980-1981 season saw the club competing in the Premier Division for the first time. They didn’t find it easy however, and after eight tough campaigns it was back to Division One and sadly, the slide continued with ‘Town‘ relegated back to their County league in 1993.

Sometimes a drop down the pecking order gives a chance to rediscover the winning habit, and in the Wiltshire League ‘Town’ bounced right back immediately as champions under the guidance of Mel Gingell. Then it took just two more seasons to return to the Premier Division and under Darren Perrin, the next three campaigns saw Melksham challenging for honours.

Since then life has been enjoyed as a Premier club for all except two campaigns and the club are looking to continue that trend.


Club Factfile

Previous Name(s):
Melksham until 1951
The Conigre , Market Place, Melksham, Wiltshire SN12 6ES
01225 702 843
Record Attendance:
2821 v Trowbridge Town FA Cup 1957-1958
Most Recent Senior Honour:
Western League Division One 1996-1997

Club History

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1977-1978Western Football League First Division8th
1978-1979Western Football League First Division6th
 1979-1980Western Football League First Division1st
1980-1981Western Football League Premier Division13thPeter Carter
1981-1982Western Football League Premier Division5thPeter Carter
1982-1983Western Football League Premier Division17thPeter Carter
1983-1984Western Football League Premier Division18thBrian Ballinger
1984-1985Western Football League Premier Division9thMel Gingell
1985-1986Western Football League Premier Division12thMel Gingell
1986-1987Western Football League Premier Division18thMel Gingell
1987-1988Western Football League Premier Division21stMel Gingell
1988-1989Western Football League Division One12thMel Gingell
1989-1990Western Football League Division One9thR.Lucas
1990-1991Western Football League Division One15thAlan McDougall
1991-1992Western Football League Division One21stAlan McDougall
1992-1993Western Football League Division One21stNigel Brindle
 1993-1994Wiltshire Football League Division One1stMel Gingell
1994-1995Western Football League Division One10thMel Gingell
1995-1996Western Football League Division One9thMel Gingell
 1996-1997Western Football League First Division1stDarren Perrin
1997-1998Western Football League Premier Division3rdDarren Perrin
1998-1999Western Football League Premier Division4thDarren Perrin
1999-2000Western Football League Premier Division6thDarren Perrin
2000-2001Western Football League Premier Division9thRobert Lardner
2001-2002Western Football League Premier Division10thRobert Lardner
2002-2003Western Football League Premier Division8thRobert Lardner
2003-2004Western Football League Premier Division14thNigel Tripp
2004-2005Western Football League Premier Division14thNigel Tripp
2005-2006Western Football League Premier Division14thKelvin HIghmore
2006-2007Western Football League Premier Division5thKelvin HIghmore
2007-2008Western Football League Premier Division11thKelvin HIghmore
2008-2009Western Football League Premier Division11thWayne Thorne
2009-2010Western Football League Premier Division11thWayne Thorne
2010-2011Western Football League Premier Division19thWayne Thorne
2011-2012Western Football League Division One8thAdam Young
2012-2013Western Football League Division One2ndAdam Young
2013-2014Western Football League Premier DivisionDave Clayton

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