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Metropolitan Police

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In a club whose name is a little confusing, as the players do not necessarily have to be serving policemen, steady development and good coaching has enabled the club to enjoy its best ever position within the structure of non-league football.

After kicking off in 1919, periods were spent with The Spartan League (1928-1960) and The Metropolitan League (1960-1971) before joining the Southern League in 1971.

Six years later The Police were playing in The Isthmian League and finishing as runners-up in Division Two.They have since enjoyed an impressive 36 consecutive years competing in the famous competition.

All the campaigns until 2011-2012 had been fought out in the Isthmian League’s lower levels, so the Division One South Championship success was particularly well received by all connected with the club.’The Blues’ have hit the headlines in The FA Cup First Round on a couple of occasions but life in the Premier Division will give The Metropolitan Police Football Club and their long serving manager Jim Cooper, the extra publicity that will be appreciated.


Club Factfile

Imber Court, Ember Lane, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 0BT
0208 398 7358
From London A3 take A309 towards Scilly Isles roundabout then right into Hampton Court Way. Left at first roundabout into Imber Court Road. Ground is in 300 yards.

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Club History

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1978-1979Isthmian League Division One15thVic Rouse
1979-1980Isthmian League Division One18thVic Rouse
1980-1981Isthmian League Division One9thVic Rouse
1981-1982Isthmian League Division One3rdVic Rouse
1982-1983Isthmian League Division One7thVic Rouse
1983-1984Isthmian League Division One8thVic Rouse
1984-1985Isthmian League Division One20thVic Rouse
1985-1986Isthmian League Division Two South7thVic Rouse
1986-1987Isthmian League Division Two South7thVic Rouse
1987-1988Isthmian League Division One2ndAndy McElwee
1988-1989Isthmian League Division One13thAndy McElwee
1989-1990Isthmian League Division One9thAndy McElwee
1990-1991Isthmian League Division One21stAndy McElwee
1991-1992Isthmian League Division Two7thJohn Rees
1992-1993Isthmian League Division Two5thColin Rose
1993-1994Isthmian League Division Two8thColin Rose
1994-1995Isthmian League Division Two5thColin Rose
1995-1996Isthmian League Division Two7thJohn Cottam
1996-1997Isthmian League Division Two15thJohn Cottam
1997-1998Isthmian League Division Two5thMel Thomas
1998-1999Isthmian League Division Two10thMel Thomas
1999-2000Isthmian League Division Two9thMel Thomas
2000-2001Isthmian League Division Two13thIan Fleming
2001-2002Isthmian League Division Two13thIan Fleming
2002-2003Isthmian League Division Two23rdJohn Cottam
2003-2004Isthmian League Division One South20thJim Cooper
2004-2005Isthmian League Division One5thJim Cooper
2005-2006Isthmian League Division One4thJim Cooper
2006-2007Isthmian League Division One South6thJim Cooper
2007-2008Isthmian League Division One South4thJim Cooper
2008-2009Isthmian League Division One South4thJim Cooper
2009-2010Isthmian League Division One South10thJim Cooper
 2010-2011Isthmian League Division One South1stJim Cooper
2011-2012Isthmian League Premier Division12thJim Cooper
2012-2013Isthmian League Premier Division6thJim Cooper
2013-2014Isthmian League Premier Division17thJim Cooper

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