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Nantwich Town

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Nantwich Town, known as ‘The Dabbers’  have certainly experienced life in most of the local leagues since their formation in 1884.

1891-1892 Shropshire & District League
1892-1894 The Combination
1894-1895 Cheshire Junior League
1895-1897 Crewe & District League
1897-1900 North Staffs & District League
1900-1901 Cheshire League
1901-1910 The Combination
1910-1912 Manchester League
1912-1914 Lancashire Combination
1919-1938 Cheshire County League
1938-1939 Crewe & District League
1946-1947 Crewe Amateur Combination
1947-1948 Crewe & District League
1948-1965 Mid-Cheshire League
1965-1968 Manchester League
1968-1982 Cheshire County League
1982-2007 North West Counties League
2007- Northern Premier League

It has obviously taken a lot of hard work on and off the field to bring Nantwich Town into its most prestigious league and they will be hoping to consolidate and perhaps move onwards and upwards once again.


Club Factfile

Weaver Stadium, Waterlode, Kingsley Fields, Nantwich, CW5 5BS
01270 621 771
M6 Jun 16 A500 towards Nantwich. Over 4 roundabouts onto A51 towards Nantwich Town Centre, through traffic lights and over railway crossing. Over next r/bout then left at next r/bout past Morrisons supermarket on right. Continue over r/bout through traffic lights. Ground on right at next set of traffic lights. SATNAV Postcode: CW5 5UP

Club History

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1978-1979Cheshire County8thC.Hutchinson
1979-1980Cheshire County14thCheshire County
 1980-1981Cheshire County1stBob Watkins
1981-1982Cheshire County14thJim Wallace
1982-1983North West Counties Division One20thJohn Archer
1983-1984North West Counties Division Two18thJohn Archer
1984-1985North West Counties Division Two11thE.Blunstone
1985-1986North West Counties Division Two18thDave Cooke
1986-1987North West Counties Division Three11thDave Cooke
1987-1988North West Counties Division Two21st
1988-1989North West Counties Division Two5th
1989-1990North West Counties Division One7thG.Morris
1990-1991North West Counties Division One11th
1991-1992North West Counties Division One12thPeter Ward
1992-1993North West Counties Division One13thPeter Ward
1993-1994North West Counties Division One4thClive Jackson
1994-1995North West Counties Division One16thClive Jackson
1995-1996North West Counties Division One9thClive Jackson
1996-1997North West Counties Division One11thClive Jackson
1997-1998North West Counties Division One10thClive Jackson
1998-1999North West Counties Division One15thClive Jackson
1999-2000North West Counties Division One15thPaul Caddy
2000-2001North West Counties Division One16thPaul Caddy
2001-2002North West Counties Division One15thDavid Cooke
2002-2003North West Counties Division One6thNigel Cleghorn
2003-2004North West Counties Division One13thNigel Cleghorn
2004-2005North West Counties Division One16thSteve Davis
2005-2006North West Counties Division One4thSteve Davis
2006-2007North West Counties Division One3rdSteve Davis
2007-2008Northern Premier League Division One South3rdSteve Davis
2008-2009Northern Premier League Premier Division3rdSteve Davis
2009-2010Northern Premier League Premier Division10thSteve Davis
2010-2011Northern Premier League Premier Division17thKevin Street & Darren Stimpson
2011-2012Northern Premier League Premier Division10thJimmy Quinn
2012-2013Northern Premier League Premier Division14thJimmy Quinn
2013-2014Northern Premier League Premier Division19thDanny Johnson

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