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Pelsall Villa

Currently Playing In:

Midland Combination Premier Division


The original Pelsall Villa Football Club was formed in the village of Pelsall near Walsall in 1897, but the modern version was considered to have been launched after the club had been re-formed in 1961.

Competitive football was enjoyed in the Staffordhsire County League until 1982 when ‘The Villains’ joined the Second Division of The West Midlands (Regional) League. The club gained two surprising, but very welcome promotions, firstly to Division One as fourth placed club in 1984, and then finishing third in 1990 proved enough to take them into The Premier Division.

Pelsall Villa have built an excellent reputation for selecting the right men to act as their managers and Reg Priest built a squad good enough to earn a well deserved promotion to The Midland Alliance, although the move up was achieved in 1996 from the runners up spot, although they had won the league in the previous season.

Since those golden years the club has found it consistently difficult to challenge for league honours, either in The Alliance, or after dropping back to the West Midlands League in 2004. In 2009 the club decided to move across to The Midland Combination but although guided by another long serving manager, Mark Bently, top ten finishes are still proving hard to achieve.


Club Factfile

THe Bush Ground, Walsall Road, Walsall, West Midlands WS3 4BP
01922 693224
Most Recent Senior Honour:
West Midlands (Regional) League Premier Division Championship 1994-1995

Club History

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1982-1983West Midlands (Regional) League Div 214th
1983-1984West Midlands (Regional) League Div 24th
1984-1985West Midlands (Regional) League Div 19thB.Hill
1985-1986West Midlands (Regional) League Div 17thB.Hill
1986-1987West Midlands (Regional) League Div 110thB.Hill
1987-1988West Midlands (Regional) League Div 113thS.Hart
1988-1989West Midlands (Regional) League Div 15thS.Hart
1989-1990West Midlands (Regional) League Div 13rdS.Hart
1990-1991West Midlands (Regional) Lg Premier Div.15thS.Hart
1991-1992West Midlands (Regional) Lg Premier Div.12thReg Priest
1992-1993West Midlands (Regional) Lg Premier Div.11thReg Priest
1993-1994West Midlands (Regional) Lg Premier Div.10thReg Priest
 1994-1995West Midlands (Regional) Lg Premier Div.1stReg Priest
1995-1996West Midlands (Regional) Lg Premier Div.2ndReg Priest
1996-1997Midland Football Alliance11thReg Priest
1997-1998Midland Football Alliance14thReg Priest
1998-1999Midland Football Alliance16thReg Priest
1999-2000Midland Football Alliance20thKevin Gough
2000-2001Midland Football Alliance19thKevin Gough
2001-2002Midland Football Alliance17thKevin Gough
2002-2003Midland Football Alliance18thSteve Hicks
2003-2004Midland Football Alliance23rdSteve Hicks
2004-2005West Midlands (Regional) Lg Premier Div.15th
2005-2006West Midlands (Regional) Lg Premier Div.14th
2006-2007West Midlands (Regional) Lg Premier Div.9th
2007-2008West Midlands (Regional) Lg Premier Div.12th
2008-2009West Midlands (Regional) Lg Premier Div.18th
2009-2010Midland Combination Premier Division17thMark Bentley
2010-2011Midland Combination Premier Division17thMark Bentley
2011-2012Midland Combination Premier Division15thMark Bentley
2012-2013Midland Combination Premier Division14thMark Bentley
2013-2014Midland Combination Premier DivisionMark Bentley

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