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Pickering Town

Currently Playing In:

Northern Counties East Premier Division.


A well established town club was formed in 1888 and worked their way through the local leagues until 1982. Experience in the Beckett,  York & District and Scarborough & District Leagues prepared them for ten years in The Yorkshire League.

As a member of the Yorkshire Third Division when The Northern Counties East was introduced, a place in the new Division Two North was as much as ‘The Pikes’ could expect.

With Nigel Tate proving to be an impressive manager, Pickering Town soon gained promotion as Champions, then, after four competitive campaigns in the First Division, a place in the Premier Division was earned through finishing as runners-up in 1992. Another second place finish provided the club’s best ever season in the Premier Division, where long serving manager Tate enjoyed many happy seasons until the unlucky thirteenth when relegation came in 1999.

Only two seasons were spent in Division One and Pickering Town have since proved to be a consistently competitive Premier club in The Northern Counties East.


Club Factfile

Previous Name(s):
Recreation Club, off Mill Lane, Malton Road, Pickering YO18 7DB
01751 473 317
A169 from Malton.On entering Pickering take first left past Police Station and BP garage into Mill Lane. Ground is 200 yards on right.
Record Attendance:
1412 v Notts County friendly 1991
Most Recent Senior Honour:
Wilkinson Sword Trophy 2000-2001

Club History

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1980-1981Yorkshire League Division Three9th
1981-1982Yorkshire League Division Three1992
1982-1983Northern Counties East Division Two North 13th
1983-1984Northern Counties East Division Two North 6th
1984-1985Northern Counties East Division One North 11thD.Chapman
1985-1986Northern Counties East Division Two 15thD.Chapman
1986-1987Northern Counties East Division Two 14thNigel Tate
 1987-1988Northern Counties East Division Two 1stNigel Tate
1988-1989Northern Counties East Division One 5thNigel Tate
1989-1990Northern Counties East Division One 14thNigel Tate
1990-1991Northern Counties East Division One 4thNigel Tate
1991-1992Northern Counties East Division One 2ndNigel Tate
1992-1993Northern Counties East Premier Division 2ndNigel Tate
1993-1994Northern Counties East Premier Division 6thNigel Tate
1994-1995Northern Counties East Premier Division 6thNigel Tate
1995-1996Northern Counties East Premier Division 12thNigel Tate
1996-1997Northern Counties East Premier Division 15thNigel Tate
1997-1998Northern Counties East Premier Division 16thNigel Tate
1998-1999Northern Counties East Premier Division 20thNigel Tate
1999-2000Northern Counties East Division One North 11thJimmy Reid
2000-2001Northern Counties East Division One North 2ndJimmy Reid
2001-2002Northern Counties East Premier Division 4thJimmy Reid
2002-2003Northern Counties East Premier Division 13thSteve Brown
2003-2004Northern Counties East Premier Division 5thSteve Brown
2004-2005Northern Counties East Premier Division 5thSteve Brown
2005-2006Northern Counties East Premier Division 6thAlex Mathie
2006-2007Northern Counties East Premier Division 9thAlex Mathie
2007-2008Northern Counties East Premier Division 3rdMark Wood
2008-2009Northern Counties East Premier Division 9thMark Wood
2009-2010Northern Counties East Premier Division 9thMark Wood
2010-2011Northern Counties East Premier Division 7thMark Wood
2011-2012Northern Counties East Premier Division 7thMark Wood
2012-2013Northern Counties East Premier Division 12thPaul Vasey
2013-2014Northern Counties East Premier Division Jimmy Reid

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