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Rayners Lane

A North London club, formed in 1933, who developed in local football before settling in The Spartan League in the sixties and then, in 1978, moved on to The Hellenic League, which concentrated more within the Oxfordshire, Berks and Bucks area.

Long serving manager Don Durkin gave the club great service in the eighties. In 1983 the club reached The Premier Division as First Division champions and Rayners Lane worked hard to establish themselves as a senior club. In their twelfth campaign at this level a best finish of 9th was reached, but as the club did not possess floodlights they were relegated to Division One.

Two seasons later the club joined The Middlesex League and then in 1998 they moved on to The Chiltonian League. Within another two campaigns the league merged with the Hellenic competition and Rayners Lane once again became a member of the Hellenic League- this time playing in Division One East from the 2000-2001 season. Their thirteenth season proved lucky however, as ‘The Lane’ moved back to The Premier Division as Division One East champions in 2013.


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1979-1980Hellenic League Division One11th
1980-1981Hellenic League Division One6th
1981-1982Hellenic League Division One8th
 1982-1983Hellenic League Division One1stDon Durkin
1983-1984Hellenic League Premier Division6thDon Durkin
1984-1985Hellenic League Premier Division12thDon Durkin
1985-1986Hellenic League Premier Division6thDon Durkin
1986-1987Hellenic League Premier Division13thDon Durkin
1987-1988Hellenic League Premier Division13thDon Durkin
1988-1989Hellenic League Premier Division13thDon Durkin
1989-1990Hellenic League Premier Division11thDon Durkin
1990-1991Hellenic League Premier Division13thDon Durkin
1991-1992Hellenic League Premier Division15thDon Durkin
1992-1993Hellenic League Premier Division10thDon Durkin
1993-1994Hellenic League Premier Division9thDon Durkin
1994-1995Hellenic League Division One5thDon Durkin
1995-1996Hellenic League Division One13thDon Durkin
 1996-1997Middlesex League 1st
1997-1998Middlesex League
1998-1999Chiltonian League4th
1999-2000Chiltonian League
2000-2001Hellenic League DIvision One East6thRichard Hedge
2001-2002Hellenic League DIvision One East15thRichard Hedge
2002-2003Hellenic League DIvision One East4thRichard Hedge
2003-2004Hellenic League DIvision One East6thRichard Hedge
2004-2005Hellenic League DIvision One East8thDanny Mills
2005-2006Hellenic League DIvision One East15thDanny Mills
2006-2007Hellenic League DIvision One East5thMick Turtleflo
2007-2008Hellenic League DIvision One East13thMarvin Hall
2008-2009Hellenic League DIvision One East14thMarvin Hall
2009-2010Hellenic League DIvision One East12thPaul Lewis
2010-2011Hellenic League DIvision One East7thDean Gardner
2011-2012Hellenic League DIvision One East3rdDean Gardner
 2012-2013Hellenic League DIvision One East1stDean Gardner
2013-2014Hellenic League Premier DivisionMIck Bradshaw

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