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Having enjoyed a season playing with Redhill in the sixties under manager Frank Butterworth, I have happy memories of some well supported Athenian Premier games.

In those days whenever the ball was banged into touch the cry of ‘Redhill’ would echo round the ground from rival supporters. The club, which was formed in 1894, didn’t have a reputation for pretty football, but the teasing was good natured and we certainly enjoyed ourselves at the old ground which was right at the heart of the town.

The last matches at The Memorial Ground in 1984 were especially memorable as the club won the last Athenian League Championship that season, and clinched the club’s first title for sixty years. It was also the last season of Athenian football so Redhill joined The London Spartan League.

Since those days the club has competed mainly at lower levels and since 1988 have competed in The Sussex County League where they have become a regular top ten club with ambitions to move back up the non-league ‘pyramid.


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1977-1978Athenian League18thBarrie Webb
1978-1979Athenian League18thBarrie Webb
1979-1980Athenian League11thBarrie Webb
1980-1981Athenian League15thBarrie Webb
1981-1982Athenian League5thBarrie Webb
1982-1983Athenian League3rdBarrie Webb
 1983-1984Athenian League1stBarrie Webb
1984-1985London Spartan League7thJ.Cooper
1985-1986London Spartan League3rdJ.Cooper
1986-1987London Spartan League2ndMartin Eade
1987-1988Spartan Football League7thMartin Eade
1988-1989Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One11thNorman Dearlove
1989-1990Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One18thT.Arnold
1990-1991Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.Two4thK.Ireland
1991-1992Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.Two4thK.Ireland
1992-1993Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.Two12thK.Ireland
1993-1994Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.Two4thJ.Fears & P.Duffell
1994-1995Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.Two5thRay Purvis
1995-1996Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.Two5thPeter Burdett
1996-1997Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.Two3rdPeter Burdett
1997-1998Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.OnePeter Burdett
1998-1999Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One11thPeter Burdett
1999-2000Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One12thTony Dugdale
2000-2001Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One14thRussell Mason
2001-2002Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One15thRussell Mason
2002-2003Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One12thIan Dawes
2003-2004Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One11thIan Dawes
2004-2005Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One13thIan Dawes
2005-2006Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One18thMark Endsleigh
2006-2007Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One15thIan Dawes
2007-2008Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One8thTommy Sampson
2008-2009Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One9thS.McIntyre
2009-2010Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One5thDean Forbes
2010-2011Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One8thDean Forbes
2011-2012Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One10thSimon Colbran
2012-2013Sussex Co. Football Lg Div.One2ndMichael Maher
2013-2014Isthmian League Div.One South22ndMichael Maher

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