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Another well established club that originally appeared to be happy playing local football. However, thanks to some inspired work by management on the touchline and in the committee room, Rocester have enjoyed some exciting years with facilities and standards improving greatly.

The Staffordshire County League was an ideal competition in which to build the club but after topping the league in two consecutive seasons, the club moved into the exciting West Midlands (Regional) League in 1988.

An immediate promotion took ‘The Romans’ into The Premier Division and after six years the club was ready to join the new Midland Football Alliance. Five more years acclimatizing in senior football and the club were ready for another move up the pyramid. Supporters were certainly very proud to celebrate the club’s Southern League membership in 1999.

Football at this level proved difficult, and eventually the Football Alliance appeared to be a happy and comfortable competition in which the club will no doubt challenge for honours.


Club Factfile

Previous Name(s):
Hillsfield, Mill Street, Rocester, Uttoxeter ST14 5JX
01889 591 301
Most Recent Senior Honour:
Midland Alliance Champions 2003-2004

Club History

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1979-1980Staffordshire County League9th
1980-1981Staffordshire County League7th
1981-1982Staffordshire County League13th
1982-1983Staffordshire County League9th
1983-1984Staffordshire County League8th
1984-1985Staffordshire County League6thAlan Beaman
 1985-1986Staffordshire County League1stAlan Beaman
 1986-1987Staffordshire County League1stAlan Beaman
 1987-1988West Midlands League Division One1stAlan Beaman
1988-1989West Midlands League Premier Division11thAlan Beaman
1989-1990West Midlands League Premier Division2ndAlan Beaman
1990-1991West Midlands League Premier Division11thAlan Beaman
1991-1992West Midlands League Premier Division6thFrank Northwood
1992-1993West Midlands League Premier Division4thFrank Northwood
1993-1994West Midlands League Premier Division7thFrank Northwood
1994-1995Midland Football Alliance8thBrian Beresford
1995-1996Midland Football Alliance4thMick Collins
1996-1997Midland Football Alliance7thMick Collins
1997-1998Midland Football Alliance2ndMick Collins
 1998-1999Midland Football Alliance1stTerry Greer
1999-2000Southern League Midland Division16thTerry Greer
2000-2001Southern League Western Division10thKarl Wilcox & Alf Hawksworth
2001-2002Southern League Western Division21stMartin Smith & Andy Holme
2002-2003Southern League Western Division21stWarren Campbell
2003-2004Midland Football Alliance1stWarren Campbell
2004-2005Northern Premier League Division One22ndWarren Campbell
2005-2006Midland Football Alliance4thDamian Grocott
2006-2007Midland Football Alliance12thDamian Grocott
2007-2008Midland Football Alliance5thSteve Swanwick
2008-2009Midland Football Alliance20thSteve Swanwick
2009-2010Midland Football Alliance16thAlan Beaman
2010-2011Midland Football Alliance14thAlan Beaman
2011-2012Midland Football Alliance6thDavid Langston
2012-2013Midland Football Alliance13thMark Kavanagh
2013-2014Midland Football Alliance21stMark Kavanagh

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