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St Neots Town

Currently Playing In:

Southern League Premier Division


Playing under the name of St Neots & District until 1951, the club passed through most of the local leagues on their way to establishing themselves as a senior competitor. Starting with The South Midlands League followed by The Central Alliance, The United Counties League, and on their way back after a short resignation, The Huntingdonshire League, before returning stronger and more reliable to the United Counties competition.

Obviously on ‘a high’ after building confidence in the Huntingdonshire League under the successful managership of Guy Loveday, ‘The Saints’ immediately moved from Division One, but it took at least five years to consolidate and since finishing in 5th place in 2001, the club has generally challenged near the top until 2010, when the club finished in second place.

This obviously gave St Neots extra confidence and under the guidance of manager Dennis Greene, the United Counties Championship was achieved with promotion to The Southern League Division One Central, where a second title meant Premier Division football at the club’s smart new stadium.


Club Factfile

Previous Name(s):
St Neots & District until 1951
Hunts Post Community Stadium,Cambridge Road,St Neots PE19 6SN
01480 470012
Record Attendance:
2000 v Wisbech 1966
Most Recent Senior Honour:
Southern League Division One Central 2011-2012

Club History

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1977-1978United Counties Division One9thTerry Reedman
1978-1979United Counties Division One9thTerry Reedman
1979-1980United Counties Division One12thTerry Reedman
1980-1981United Counties Division One13thTerry Reedman
1981-1982United Counties Division One19thTerry Reedman
1982-1983United Counties DivisionTwo2ndG.Scarff
1983-1984United Counties Division One19thMelvyn Hancock
1984-1985United Counties Division One19thMelvyn Hancock
1985-1986United Counties Division One18thMick Kemp
1986-1987United Counties Division One19thMick Kemp
1987-1988United Counties Division One18thTony Holden
1988-1989United Counties Division OneTony Holden
1990-1991Resigned and retuned to
1991-1992The Huntingdonshire League
 1993-1994Huntingdonshire League1stGuy Loveday
 1994-1995United Counties Division Two1stGuy Loveday
1995-1996United Counties Premier Division15thGuy Loveday
1996-1997United Counties Premier Division10thGuy Loveday
1997-1998 United Counties Premier Division10thGary Pilsworth
1998-1999United Counties Premier Division13thGuy Lovejoy
1999-2000United Counties Premier Division13thChris Howell
2000-2001United Counties Premier Division5thChris Howell
2001-2002United Counties Premier Division6thChris Howell
2002-2003United Counties Premier Division13thChris Howell
2003-2004United Counties Premier Division4thChris Howell
2004-2005United Counties Premier Division14thJon Taylor
2005-2006United Counties Premier Division4thSteve Kuhne
2006-2007 United Counties Premier Division17thSteve Kuhne
2007-2008United Counties Premier Division8thScott Houghton
2008-2009United Counties Premier Division17thMarvin Johnson
2009-2010United Counties Premier Division2ndSteve Lomas
 2010-2011United Counties Premier Division1stDennis Greene
 2011-2012Southern League Div One Central1stDennis Greene
2012-2013Southern League Premier Division12thIan Parr
2013-2014Southern League Premier Division

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