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The Hertfordshire club was formed in 1976 after the original Town club had disbanded. Their first competitive football was played as Stevenage Borough in The United Counties League, where they quickly became a regular challenger for honours. Then, in 1984 the club joined The Isthmian League Division Two North and earned promotion as champions in their second season.

Frank Cornwall was proving a successful manager and led the club for seven years before the appointment of Paul Fairclough who masterminded another exciting push up the non-league pyramid in the nineties.

Three promotions in four years brought Conference football for the club, who dropped ‘Borough’ from their title and continued their fine form in 1996, by becoming Conference Champions, although not considered ready for promotion.

With constant development on and off the field, plus the work of a third successful manager in Graham Westley, Stevenage Football Club won promotion into The Football League as Conference champions in 2010. This was immediately followed by a play off success taking them into Division One and underlined the wonderful run of success which has been an example to senior non-league clubs and underlines the importance of appointing the right managers and giving them time to build their squads.


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 1980-1981United Counties Division One1stDerek Montgomery
1981-1982United Counties Premier Division12thDerek Montgomery
1982-1983United Counties Premier Division12thDerek Montgomery
1983-1984United Counties Premier Division6thFrank Cornwell
1984-1985Isthmian League Division Two North4thFrank Cornwell
 1985-1986Isthmian League Division Two North1stFrank Cornwell
1986-1987Isthmian League Division One16thFrank Cornwell
1987-1988Isthmian League Division One21stFrank Cornwell
1988-1989Isthmian League Division Two North4thFrank Cornwell
1989-1990Isthmian League Division Two North4thFrank Cornwell
 1990-1991Isthmian League Division Two North1stPaul Fairclough
 1991-1992Isthmian League Division One1stPaul Fairclough
1992-1993Isthmian League Premier Division7thPaul Fairclough
 1993-1994Isthmian League Premier Division1stPaul Fairclough
As Stevenage FC
1994-1995Football Conference5thPaul Fairclough
 1995-1996Football Conference1stPaul Fairclough
1996-1997Football Conference3rdPaul Fairclough
1997-1998Football Conference15thPaul Fairclough
1998-1999Football Conference6thRichard Hill
1999-2000Football Conference10thRichardHill/Bob Makin
Steve Wignall/Paul Fairclough
2000-2001Football Conference7thPaul Fairclough
2001-2002Football Conference11thPaul Fairclough/Wayne Turner
2002-2003Football Conference12thWayne Turner
2003-2004Football Conference8thGraham Westley
2004-2005Football Conference5thGraham Westley
2005-2006Football Conference6thGraham Westley
2006-2007Football Conference8thMark Stimpson
2007-2008Football Conference6thMark Stimpson
2008-2009Football Conference5thGraham Westley
 2009-2010Football Conference1stGraham Westley
2010-2011Football League Division Two6thGraham Westley
2011-2012Football League Division One6thGraham Westley/ Gary Smith
2012-2013Football League Division One18thGraham Westley
2013-2014Football League Division OneGraham Westley

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