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Tipton Town

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Midland Football Alliance


Having first competed as Ocker Hill United in the Wolverhampton and District Amateur League from 1948 until 1967, the club changed its name to Tipton Town when accepted by the newly formed Division One of the West Midland (Regional) League.

In 1984 promotion was gained into The Premier Division and after a promising first season, the club suffered six difficult campaigns before being relegated. However, the next seven years saw steady improvement and promotion was achieved again in 1998.

The real turning point in the club’s playing history coincides with the introduction of
ex-player John Hill as manager. Three exciting seasons climaxed with the Championship in 2005 and Tipton Town celebrated a move into The Midland Football Alliance where they have steadily improved standards on and off the field.


Club Factfile

Previous Name(s):
Ocker Hill United
Tipton Sports Academy, Wednesbury Oak Road, Tipton DY4 0BS
0121 502 5534
Record Attendance:
1,100 v Wolverhampton Wanderers 1988
Most Recent Senior Honour:
Champions West Midlands (Regional) League Premier Division 2004-2005

Club History

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1981-1982West Midlands (Regional) Division One4thG.Barnsley
1982-1983West Midlands (Regional) Division One3rdG.Barnsley
 1983-1984West Midlands (Regional) Division One1stG.Barnsley
1984-1985West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division5thG.Barnsley
1985-1986West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division19thG.Barnsley
1986-1987West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division18thRon Corbett
1987-1988West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division15thRon Corbett
1988-1989West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division20thGeorge Andrews
1989-1990West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division21stTerry Jones
1990-1991West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division22nd
1991-1992West Midlands (Regional) Division One13thTerry Jones
1992-1993West Midlands (Regional) Division One17thTerry Jones
1993-1994West Midlands (Regional) Division One8thMick Henley
1994-1995West Midlands (Regional) Division One8thDave Edwards
1995-1996West Midlands (Regional) Division One7thDave Edwards
1996-1997West Midlands (Regional) Div One South7thDave Edwards
1997-1998West Midlands (Regional) Div One South2ndPhil Marandola
1998-1999West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division9thPhil Marandola
1999-2000West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division14thPhil Marandola
2000-2001West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division23rdNeil Hickenbothom
2001-2002West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division11thNeil Hickenbothom
2002-2003West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division3rdJohn Hill
2003-2004West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division2ndJohn Hill
 2004-2005West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division1stJohn Hill
2005-2006Midland Football Alliance 11thJohn Hill
2006-2007Midland Football Alliance 5thJohn Hill
2007-2008Midland Football Alliance 9thJohn Hill
2008-2009Midland Football Alliance 5thJohn Hill
2009-2010Midland Football Alliance 4thJohn Hill
2010-2011Midland Football Alliance 2ndJohn Hill
2011-2012Midland Football Alliance 9thIan Rowe
2012-2013Midland Football Alliance 6thIan Rowe
2013-2014Midland Football Alliance Ian Rowe

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