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Combined Counties Premier Division


A well established North London club that has competed in most of the home counties and London leagues since the clubs’ formation after the second world war in 1946.

Their history includes:-

The Middlesex League 1946-1948
The Spartan League 1948-1950
The Delphian League 1950-1956
The Corinthian League 1956-1963
The Athenian League 1st Div 1963-1968
The Athenian League Prem. Div 1968-1974
The Isthmian League 1974-2006
The Combined Counties League 2006

The Wembley ‘Lions’ never challenged at the top of The Isthmian League although the club did enjoy battling for promotion from the First to the Premier Division between 1983-1988 under the leadership of manager Alan Dafforn. Sadly they never managed the step up and club eventually dropped down to Division Two.

Eventually it was decided that life in a lower level might benefit the club and Wembley FC joined The Combined Counties in 2006. A first finish of 3rd raised hopes for a more competitive life at the right end of the league table, but despite the hard work the committee and long serving manager Ian Bates, another top ten finish appears to be the most reasonable target.


Club Factfile

Previous Name(s):
Vale Farm.Watford Rad, Sudbury, Wembley HA0 3HG
0208 904 8169
Record Attendance:
2654 v Wealdstone FA Amateur Cup 1952-1953

Club History

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1977-1978Isthmian League Division One15th
1978-1979Isthmian League Division One11th
1979-1980Isthmian League Division One12th
1980-1981Isthmian League Division One17th
1981-1982Isthmian League Division One8th
1982-1983Isthmian League Division One10thAlan Dafforn
1983-1984Isthmian League Division One3rdAlan Dafforn
1984-1985Isthmian League Division One5thAlan Dafforn
1985-1986Isthmian League Division One3rdAlan Dafforn
1986-1987Isthmian League Division One5thAlan Dafforn
1987-1988Isthmian League Division One6thAlan Dafforn
1988-1989Isthmian League Division One10thTony Waugh
1989-1990Isthmian League Division One16thTony Waugh
1990-1991Isthmian League Division One15thTony Waugh
1991-1992Isthmian League Division One5thAlan Dafforn
1992-1993Isthmian League Division One9thAlan Dafforn
1993-1994Isthmian League Division One13thAlan Dafforn
1994-1995Isthmian League Division One9thGlen Charles
1995-1996Isthmian League Division One21stGlen Charles
1996-1997Isthmian League Division Two3rdJohn Walsh
1997-1998Isthmian League Division One17thJohn Walsh
1998-1999Isthmian League Division One21stJohn Walsh
1999-2000Isthmian League Division Two13thErol Dyer
2000-2001Isthmian League Division Two16thBen Laryea
2001-2002Isthmian League Division Two18thScott Cousins
2002-2003Isthmian League Division One North23rdKnut Auf dem Berge
2003-2004Isthmian League Division Two11thScott Cousins
2004-2005Isthmian League Division Two13thScott Cousins
2005-2006Isthmian League Division Two11thScott Cousins
2006-2007Combined Counties Premier Division3rdScott Cousins
2007-2008Combined Counties Premier Division14thIan Bates
2008-2009Combined Counties Premier Division17thIan Bates
2009-2010Combined Counties Premier Division15thIan Bates
2010-2011Combined Counties Premier Division14thIan Bates
2011-2012Combined Counties Premier Division10thIan Bates
2012-2013Combined Counties Premier Division15thIan Bates
2013-2014Combined Counties Premier Division

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