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West Auckland Town

Being formed as West Auckland FC in 1893 the Durham club competed in local leagues until 1908 when they joined The Northern League.

Financial troubles in 1909 were followed by more problems in 1912 which forced the club to resign from The Northern League. The famous film ‘A Captain’s Tale’ has highlighted the club’s involvement with The Thomas Lipton Trophy in Italy in 1909 and the enthusiasm and spirit of the supporters saw the club re-formed as West Auckland Town in 1914.

There has always been competition with Bishop Auckland, but ‘The West’s’ steady loyalty to the Northern League has seen them bounce back after two spells in Division Two. West Auckland have competed at the senior level of The Northern League since 1998 and after three hectic seasons of disruption through managerial changes, Peter Dixon took over in 2010 and now the club have enjoyed three consistent seasons, challenging at the top of The Northern League ahead of their famous neighbours.


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1977-1978Northern League Division One11thR.Tookey
1978-1979Northern League Division One16thR.Tookey
1979-1980 Northern League Division One10thR.Tookey
1980-1981Northern League Division One16thR.Tookey
1981-1982Northern League Division One17thBilly Heron
1982-1983Northern League Division One18thBilly Heron
1983-1984Northern League Division Two17thS.Alderson
1984-1985Northern League Division Two17thS.Alderson
1985-1986Northern League Division Two5thS.Alderson
1986-1987Northern League Division Two5thS.Alderson
1987-1988Northern League Division Two17thG.Fellow
1988-1989Northern League Division Two12thJ.Hope ?
1989-1990Northern League Division Two19thD.Hall
 1990-1991Northern League Division Two1stEddie Sharp
1991-1992Northern League Division One14thEddie Sharp
1992-1993Northern League Division One12thEddie Sharp
1993-1994Northern League Division One18thEddie Sharp
1994-1995Northern League Division One12thAlan Gates
1995-1996Northern League Division One8thAlan Gates
1996-1997Northern League Division One20thAlan Gates
1997-1998Northern League Division Two2ndDale Swainston
1998-1999Northern League Division One4thDale Swainston
1999-2000Northern League Division One5thDr Graeme Forster
2000-2001Northern League Division One12thDr Graeme Forster
2001-2002Northern League Division One7thDr Graeme Forster
2002-2003Northern League Division One13thAllan Oliver
2003-2004Northern League Division One13thAllan Oliver
2004-2005Northern League Division One17thAlex Massie
2005-2006 Northern League Division One5thDavid Bayles
2006-2007Northern League Division One6thDavid Bayles
2007-2008Northern League Division One16thDavid Bayles/Lee Ellison
2008-2009Northern League Division One20thPhil Owers/Brian Fairhurst/Ray Gowan
2009-2010Northern League Division One16thBrian Honour/Wilf Constantine/Pete Dixon
2010-2011Northern League Division One6thPeter Dixon
2011-2012Northern League Division One2ndPeter Dixon
2012-2013Northern League Division One4thPeter Dixon
2013-2014Northern League Division OnePeter Dixon

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