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Possibly inspired by England’s World Cup triumph, Westfields were formed in 1966 and originally played in a local Hereford and Worcester leagues. In 1978 the club were accepted by The West Midlands (Regional) League where they stayed for the next 25 years.

Having worked their way through Divisions One and Two by 1987,‘The Fields’ found life in the Premier Division very difficult for the first seven years. However, under manager Gary Stevens,improvements were made and were carried on by Sean Edwards who took over at the beginning of the century.

Winning the championship in 2003 brought Midland Alliance football to the club which had steadily improved on and off the field. Much of this reflected the contribution of long serving Andy Morris and the correct choice of managers, who gave excellent service and have produced a club who are challenging at the top of their division.


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1978-1979West Midlands (Regional) League Div 2
1979-1980West Midlands (Regional) League Div 2
1980-1981West Midlands (Regional) League Div 2
1981-1982West Midlands (Regional) League Div 2
1982-1983West Midlands (Regional) League Div 2
1983-1984West Midlands (Regional) League Div 2
1984-1985West Midlands (Regional) League Div 13rdPhil Hallett
1985-1986West Midlands (Regional) League Div 13rdPhil Hallett
 1986-1987West Midlands (Regional) League Div 11stPhil Hallett
1987-1988West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division14thPhil Powell
1988-1989West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division17thPhil Powell
1989-1990West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division17thPhil Powell
1990-1991West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division19thPhil Powell
1991-1992West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division18thPhil Powell
1992-1993West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division18thPhil Emery/Gary Stevens
1993-1994West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division18thGary Stevens
1994-1995West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division5thGary Stevens
1995-1996West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division8thGary Stevens
1996-1997West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division10thGary Stevens
1997-1998West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division14thGary Stevens
1998-1999West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division17thGary Stevens
1999-2000West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division20thGary Stevens
2000-2001West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division14thSean Edwards
2001-2002West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division5thSean Edwards
 2002-2003West Midlands (Regional) Premier Division1stSean Edwards & Clive Harris
2003-2004Midland Football Alliance13thSean Edwards & Clive Harris
2004-2005Midland Football Alliance6thSean Edwards & Darren Lynch
2005-2006Midland Football Alliance20thSean Edwards & Darren Lynch
2006-2007Midland Football Alliance16thSean Edwards & Darren Lynch
2007-2008Midland Football Alliance11thSean Edwards
2008-2009Midland Football Alliance17thSean Edwards
2009-2010Midland Football Alliance5thSean Edwards
2010-2011Midland Football Alliance6thSean Edwards
2011-2012Midland Football Alliance2ndSean Edwards
2012-2013Midland Football Alliance2ndSean Edwards
2013-2014Midland Football Alliance12thSean Edwards

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