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Combined Counties Premier Division


From 1892 until 2011 this club in the shadow of the Royal palace, really sampled competitive life in just about every league available to them :

West Berks League
Great Western League
Suburban League
Athenian League 1922-1929
Spartan League 1929-1932
Great West Comb 1932-1938
Corinthian League 1945-1950
Metropolitan League 1950-1960
Delphian League 1960-1963
Athenian League 1963-1981
Isthmian League 1981-2006
Southern League 2006-2010
Combined Counties 2011-

Once into the Isthmian League, ‘The Royalists’  worked their way up to The Isthmian Premier Division twice, giving their supporters plenty of emotional ups and downs!

Sadly, the worst of the ‘downs’ caused the club to be ejected from Southern League Premier Division just one season after winning The Division One Championship. Their return into The Combined Counties as Windsor FC has been a success and supporters of ‘The Royalists’ will be looking forward to many more seasons of varied entertainment.



Club Factfile

Previous Name(s):
Windsor & Eton 1892-2011
Stag Meadow, St leonards Road, Windsor Berks SL4 3DR
01753 860 656
Record Attendance:
8,500 Charity Match
Most Recent Senior Honour:
Southern League Division One South & West 2009-2010

Club History

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As Windsor & Eton
1977-1978Athenian League9thBrian Caterer
1978-1979Athenian League4thBrian Caterer
 1979-1980Athenian League1stBrian Caterer
 1980-1981Athenian League1stBrian Caterer
1981-1982Isthmian League Division Two5thGeoff Chappell
1982-1983Isthmian League Division Two2ndGeoff Chappell
 1983-1984Isthmian League Division One1stGeoff Chappell
1984-1985Isthmian League Premier Division5thLCraker
1985-1986Isthmian League Premier Division11thLCraker
1986-1987Isthmian League Premier Division13thJohn Clements
1987-1988Isthmian League Premier Division7thJohn Clements
1988-1989Isthmian League Premier Division13thJohn Clements
1989-1990Isthmian League Premier Division13thJohn Clements
1990-1991Isthmian League Premier Division12thAlf Coulton
1991-1992Isthmian League Premier Division11thAlf Coulton
1992-1993Isthmian League Premier Division21stBrian Caterer
1993-1994Isthmian League Division One21st
1994-1995Isthmian League Division Two20thJohn Clements
1995-1996Isthmian League Division Three3rdAlan Davies
1996-1997Isthmian League Division Two9thAlan Davies
1997-1998Isthmian League Division Two10thAlan Davies
1998-1999Isthmian League Division Two5thAlan Davies
1999-2000Isthmian League Division Two5thAlan Davies
2000-2001Isthmian League Division Two2ndByron Walton
2001-2002Isthmian League Division One22ndByron Walton
2002-2003Isthmian League Division One South13thDennis Greene
2003-2004Isthmian League Division One South3rdDennis Greene
2004-2005Isthmian League Division Premier Division15thDennis Greene
2005-2006Isthmian League Division Premier Division21stDave Carroll
2006-2007Southern League Division One South West14thDave Carroll
2007-2008Southern League Division One South West8thSimon Lane
2008-2009Southern League Division One South West2ndKeith Scott
 2009-2010Southern League Division One South West1stKeith Scott
2010-2011Windsor & Eton resigned from the LeagueDavid Mudge
As Windsor FC
2011-2012Combined Counties Football League2ndKeith Scott
2012-2013Combined Counties Football League6thKeith Scott

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