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Since their formation in 1884,  Workington developed gradually as they moved up through the local leagues. In 1951 they were elected to The Third Division North from the North Eastern League and for twenty six years ‘The Reds’ enjoyed senior status before they dropped down to The Northern Premier League in 1977.

The club has certainly proved to be a steady performer with eleven seasons in the N.P.L.  Premier Division, but by 1986 the club was struggling to keep their membership and in 1988 they dropped down to Division One, where they played for another ten seasons without achieving a top ten finish.

The lowest point was a season spent in the North West Counties in 1998-1999 but the club bounced straight back and five years later, after the leagues’ re-organization, Workington found themselves back in the Northern Premier League and celebrated by gaining promotion as Runners-Up at the first attempt.

Promotion took ‘The Reds’ into the newly formed Conference South and to the club’s credit, they have consolidated well in the senior competition under the guidance of first Tommy Cassidy and then Darren Edmondson, who took the club to the play-offs in 2010.


Club Factfile

Borough Park, Workington, Cumbria CA14 2DT
01900 602 871
A66 into Workington. At traffic lights at bottom of hill (HSBC opposite), turn left towards town centre. Approach traffic lights in centre lane (Washington Central Hotel on your right) and turn right. Continue on this road, passing over a mini roundabout, a pedestrian crossing and a further set of traffic lights. You will come to the Railway Station (facing you), carry on through the junction and bear right, passing the Derwent Park Stadium (Rugby League/speedway), then left and Borough Park becomes visible ahead of you.

Club History

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1977-1978Northern Premier League Premier Division19thBobby Johnston
1978-1979Northern Premier League Premier Division14thBobby Johnston
1979-1980Northern Premier League Premier Division21stB.Endan
1980-1981Northern Premier League Premier Division10thS.Gallagher
1981-1982Northern Premier League Premier Division11thS.Gallagher
1982-1983Northern Premier League Premier Division7thJ.Wojciechowicz
1983-1984Northern Premier League Premier Division15thJ.Wojciechowicz
1984-1985Northern Premier League Premier Division8thJ.Wojciechowicz
1985-1986Northern Premier League Premier Division8thM.Taylor
1986-1987Northern Premier League Premier Division21stWayne Harrison
1987-1988Northern Premier League Premier Division22ndMartin Harris
1988-1989Northern Premier League Division Two11thIan Hall
1989-1990Northern Premier League Division One16th
1990-1991Northern Premier League Division One20th
1991-1992Northern Premier League Division One22nd
1992-1993Northern Premier League Division One13thGeorge Norrie
1993-1994Northern Premier League Division One11thAlan Cooke
1994-1995Northern Premier League Division One20thAlan Cooke
1995-1996Northern Premier League Division One16thWayne Harrison
1996-1997Northern Premier League Division One19thWayne Harrison
1997-1998Northern Premier League Division One21stKeith Hunton
1998-1999North West Counties Division One 2ndKeith Hunton/Peter Hampton
1999-2000Northern Premier League Division One15thPeter Hampton
2000-2001Northern Premier League Division One14thPeter Hampton
2001-2002Northern Premier League Division One16thPeter Hampton
2002-2003Northern Premier League Division One10thTommy Cassidy
2003-2004Northern Premier League Division One7thTommy Cassidy
2004-2005Northern Premier League Premier Division2ndTommy Cassidy
2005-2006Conference North13thTommy Cassidy
2006-2007Conference North3rdTommy Cassidy
2007-2008Conference North14thTommy Cassidy
2008-2009Conference North12thDarren Edmondson
2009-2010Conference North4thDarren Edmondson
2010-2011Conference North11thDarren Edmondson
2011-2012Conference North13thDarren Edmondson
2012-2013Conference North14thDarren Edmondson
2013-2014Conference North22ndGavin Skelton,Ian McDonald

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