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Worksop Town

Sometimes its difficult to understand how elated supporters can be when their club is established in a senior competition, but the years of effort put in by Worksop Town has been surely rewarded by the number of seasons they have enjoyed in the Northern Premier League’s Premier Division and a short spell in The Conference North.

1896-1898 Midland Counties League
1898-1899 Sheffield Amateur League
1900-1930 Midland Counties League
1931-1933 Sheffield Amateur League
1933-1935 Central Combination
1935-1939 Yorkshire League
1947-1949 Central Alliance
1949-1960 Midland Counties League
1960-1961 Central Alliance
1961-1968 Midland Counties League
1968-1969 Northern Premier League
1969-1974 Midland Counties League
1974-2004 Northern Premier League
2004-2007 Conference North
2007- Northern Premier League


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1977-1978Northern Premier League20thRon Reid
1978-1979Northern Premier League13thRon Reid
1979-1980Northern Premier League7thRon Reid
1980-1981Northern Premier League12thRon Reid
1981-1982Northern Premier League12thRon Reid
1982-1983Northern Premier League21stR.Barrett
1983-1984Northern Premier League17thJ.Saunders
1984-1985Northern Premier League7thTommy.Spencer
1985-1986Northern Premier League7thTommy Spencer
1986-1987Northern Premier League19thTommy Spencer
1987-1988Northern Premier League6thBryan Chambers
1988-1989Northern Premier League22ndBrian Fidler
1989-1990Northern Premier League Division One19thBrian Fidler
1990-1991Northern Premier League Division One3rdTommy Spencer
1991-1992Northern Premier League Division One3rdTommy Spencer
1992-1993Northern Premier League Division One11thTommy.Spencer
1993-1994Northern Premier League Division One12thTommy.Spencer
1994-1995Northern Premier League Division One6thTommy.Spencer
1995-1996Northern Premier League Division One11thTommy.Spencer
1996-1997Northern Premier League Division One5thTommy.Spencer
1977-1978Northern Premier League Division One2ndPaul MItchell
1998-1999Northern Premier League Premier Division2ndPaul MItchell
1999-2000Northern Premier League Premier Division10thPaul MItchell
2000-2001Northern Premier League Premier Division5thPaul MItchell
2001-2002Northern Premier League Premier Division4thPaul MItchell
2002-2003Northern Premier League Premier Division5thPaul MItchell
2003-2004Northern Premier League Premier Division7thSteve Ludlam
2004-2005Conference North17thRonnie Glavin
2005-2006Conference North19thRonnie Glavin
2006-2007Conference North21stRonnie Glavin
2007-2008Northern Premier League Premier Division9thPeter Rinkcavage
2008-2009Northern Premier League Premier Division17thPeter Rinkcavage
2009-2010Northern Premier League Premier Division18thPeter Rinkcavage
2010-2011Northern Premier League Premier Division7thPeter Rinkcavage
2011-2012Northern Premier League Premier Division15thMartin Mackintosh
2012-2013Northern Premier League Premier Division9thSimon Clark
2013-2014Northern Premier League Premier Division

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