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Wycombe Wanderers

After formation in 1884 the club played friendlies until 1896 and then joined The Southern League, where they remained until in 1908 when the club decided to play as amateurs in the Great Western Suburban League.  

After the first world war, two years were experienced in The Spartan League before joining The Isthmian League, the top amateur competition in the home counties, where they built a reputation as a powerful ambitious club. However, when the Alliance was formed, Isthmian clubs were not included initially, but in 1985 Wycombe Wanderers joined the newly formed Football Alliance.

After one season, it appeared that the move had come too soon for ‘The Blues‘  who were relegated. But in the next campaign they returned to the national league and grew in quality and showed a determination to succeed.

Over the formative years the club owed a great deal to Brian Lee both as Manager and then Chairman, and in the early ‘nineties’ the club benefitted from extra managerial inspiration from Martin O’Neill, who guided the club into the Football League in 1994, after three seasons battling at the top of the Alliance.

Wanderers have now enjoyed over twenty years as a Football League club and have coped with the extra financial pressures, accepting senior standards and proving to be a good example of an ex non-league club successfully changing its status.


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1977-1978Isthmian League Premier Division3rdAndy Williams
1978-1979Isthmian League Premier Division6thAndy Williams
1979-1980Isthmian League Premier Division10thAndy Williams
1980-1981Isthmian League Premier Division3rdMike Keen
1981-1982Isthmian League Premier Division3rdMike Keen
 1982-1983Isthmian League Premier Division1stMike Keen
1983-1984Isthmian League Premier Division7thMike Keen
1984-1985Isthmian League Premier Division3rdPaul Bence
1985-1986Alliance Football League20thPaul Bence
 1986-1987Isthmian League Premier Division1stAlan Gane
1987-1988Conference18thAlan Gane
1988-1989Conference4thJim Kelman
1989-1990Conference10thJim Kelman
1993-1994Football League Division Three4th
1994-1995Football League Division Two6th
1995-1996Football League Division Two12thAlan Smith
1996-1997Football League Division Two18thJohn Gregory
1997-1998Football League Division Two14thJohn Gregory
1998-1999Football League Division Two19thNeil Smilte
1999-2000Football League Division Two12thLaurie Sanchez
2000-2001Football League Division Two13thLaurie Sanchez
2001-2002Football League Division Two11thLaurie Sanchez
2002-2003Football League Division Two18thLaurie Sanchez
2003-2004Football League Division Two24thTony Adams
2004-2005Football League Division Two10thJohn Gorman
2005-2006Football League Division Two6thJohn Gorman
2006-2007Football League Division Two12thPaul Lambert
2007-2008Football League Division Two7thPaul Lambert
2008-2009Football League Division Two3rdPeter Taylor
2009-2010Football League Division One22ndPeter Taylor /Gary Waddock
2010-2011Football League Division Two3rdGary Waddock
2011-2012Football League Division One21stGary Waddock
2012-2013Football League Division Two15thGary Waddock/Gareth Ainsworth
2013-2014Football League Division TwoGareth Ainsworth

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