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This history is dedicated to the millions who have loved their involvement with non-league football as players, coaches, managers, club officials, league officials, match officials and supporters. Once the spirit of comradeship and sportsmanship on and off the field has been experienced it is never forgotten.

I obviously wasn’t normal!

For some reason I was born with football in my blood. Without seeing a game, I was fascinated by the names of the clubs, fell in love with my first school football kit on sight and apparently kicked a ball about with both feet from the age of five.

But luckily, this passion has given me a wonderfully happy life, introduced me to some treasured friends and I am still enjoying my lifelong involvement with the game.  Having compiled and published a varied selection of publications, many with my son Michael, we have now taken up the challenge of providing non-league football information for the public through the world wide web as well as publications.

I hope this will turn out to be a Modern History of Non-League Football as we have seen it. 

I have enjoyed being involved at many different levels but there are so many subjects to feature - new clubs being formed and some disbanded, the varying scale of payment for players, the introduction of promotion and relegation and new pyramid structures of leagues, plus representative and International football and the excitement of FA Cup giant killing.

The introduction of The FA Trophy and FA Vase after the disappearance of the ‘amateurs’ plus the basic changes in football and life itself - all these make a wonderful story, within which I am proud to have played a tiny role and have enjoyed it all.

Tony Williams


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