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Anglo Italian Cup 1968-1982

Anglo Italian Cup 1968-1982

The Barassi Cup
1968 Leytonstone beat Stefer Roma 1-1 2-2 (away goals)
1969 North Shields drew with Almas Roma 2-0 0-2 (cup shared)
1970 Enfield beat Ponte San Pietro 3-0 1-2
1971 Skelmersdale United beat Montebelluna 2-0 0-1
1972 Hendon beat Montebelluna 2-0 1-1
1973 Walton & Hersham beat Jesolo 4-0 2-0
1974 Bishop’s Stortford did not play due to organisation problems
1975 Staines Town beat Banco di Toma 1-0 2-0
1976 Sorinese beat Tlbury 1-1 1-1 (5-3 on penalties)

The Anglo Italian Semi-Professional Cup (Pictured right)
1975 Wycombe Wanderers beat Monza 0-1 2-0
1976 Lecce beat Scarborough 0-1 4-0
continues as a Semi-Professional tournament under different sponsors names.
1976 Monza beat Wimbledon at Monza 1-0
1977 Lecce beat Bath City 3-0

As Alitalia Challenge Cup
1978 Udinese beat Bath City at Udine 5-0
1979 Sutton United beat Chieti at Chieti 2-1
1980 Triestina beat Sutton United 0-0 (5-4 on penalties)

As Talbot Challenge Cup
1981 Modena beat Poole Town at Modena 4-1

As Gigi Peronace Memorial Cup
1982 Modena beat Sutton United at Modena 1-0

England Semi-Professionals 0 v Italian Semi-Professionals 1 (Pileggi)
at Bedford Town FC in 1980

England: Swannell (Leatherhead), Stephens (Nuneaton Borough), Taylor (Boston United),  Deadman (Hendon),Dunn (Scarborough), Williams (Worcester C), Woodall (Scarborough), Pritchard (Sutton United), Searle (Enfield), Vincent (Atherstone Town) and Storey-Moore (Burton Albion). Subs:  Barrett (Gainsborough Trinity), Lawrence (Redditch United), Kelly (Leatherhead) and Stewart (Boston United). Manager: Brian Lee (Wycombe Wanderers).

Italy:  Venturelli (Riccione), Beretta (Seregono), Frappampina (Bari), Brilli (Livorno), Brio (Pistoiese), Prandelli (Massese), Pica (Luchesse), Acanfora (Lecco), Bozzi (Benvento), Pileggi (Allesandria) and Rondon (Bolzano)


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